Catholic Engaged Encounter is a wonderful gift to give your fiance and yourself or an engaged couple you know. Through the years most of the couples that attended our weekends left having had the experience of a lifetime. Take a few moment to enjoy some of the wonderful comments they share with us about our weekends.
My name is Steve Blaha.  I am a campus minister and director of marriage preparation at Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI.
The Engaged Encounter Retreat is without a doubt an extraordinarily impactful experience for engaged couples.  In short, it’s a superb investment for couples seeking a rich, full married life together.  The retreat provides couples with an intentional, reflective space in which to explore their relationship, their vocation together, and what receiving and living into the sacrament of marriage means.  Couples return from the Engaged Encounter Retreat filled with hope.  They report being energized by the couple presenters and are grateful for the diversity of participants, views, and witnesses offered during this retreat.  In a busy world oftentimes filled with countless other voices and distractions, the Engaged Enrichment Retreat provides couples with an oasis of calm, a chance to build their life together with God and life-giving love at their center, and in a peaceful, prayerful setting pick up some best practices.  While the journey ahead is unknown, the Engaged Encounter Retreat supports couples in stepping off together on the right foot.  Couples I work with enthusiastically recommend this experience for others!
Steve Blaha - Assistant Director - Campus Ministry | Marquette
We are getting married with only immediate family and a couple close friends present. In a way, this pandemic was a reminder that coming together sacramentally is the important part of the wedding day, not the party. We learned God is always here to help.

Matt & Katie - Married in May 2020
“We learned how strong of an impact our upbringing has on our coming together.”

“ We plan to attend Mass more regularly, pray together, and work on our communication since our weekend.”

“ The weekend reinforced to me that he is the great guy I knew he was.”

“The most beneficial part of our weekend was how speaking and reflecting in a peaceful way in

our down moments and how we can make changes on multiple issues that were breaking us apart.”///

“We learned we would be open to NFP”

“I really enjoyed getting to reflect spiritually and emotionally and talk about how we wanted to raise our family and talk specifics.”

“We learned that so many of the topics we had conversation about, but on the weekend we got to dig In deeper. Not just how we feel but why we feel it.”

“We learned and marveled at how God has used us in our relationship to bring us closer to Him and prepare us for being sent out 2 by 2 by reading to each other our Betrothals.”
Encountered Couples from previous retreats
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